Hello Suzanne, I just wanted to give you some feed back and thanks for my Biofield Tuning sessions.


Before the sessions I was almost prone to getting "stuck in a rut" emotionally I would get very down,have trouble sleeping, suffer physically from stress and be extremely drained very easily. I'd found over the years patterns of feeling the fog come down and I would often fear change of any kind. I'm also always cold.


During the sessions I had wonderful sensations from feeling warm to noticing energy shifts to memories from very early on randomly coming up for acknowledgment.


After the sessions I found a new kind of calm, a lightness almost to my personality. I sleep wonderfully now which after having years of sleep problems that was a huge huge bonus! i seem to have a new confidence for developing myself further and I finally feel that I deserve to allow myself to blossom. Mentally, the demons that used to keep me awake all night arent any longer and the fog has lifted. My spirit is calmed and balanced which I haven't experienced before in my life. The last huge improvement is my body temperature has risen, I am no longer shivering when its 23° I am warm and i am feeling the energy flowing freely around me.


I thoroughly loved both my Biofield tuning sessions and I am blown away by the improvements to my life they have made. You of course are such a wonderful therapist and your calm collected and warm personality shines through in the amazing healing work you do. Thankyou again xxxx Jordanna

Sol Luckman in his illuminating book: - Potentiate your DNA says “The root is our bioenergy blue print in the sound domain where and only where disease causing distortions can be restored permanently to harmony”.

The Tuning Forks (sound) which Suzanne uses certainly released a lot of subconscious and physical issues arising from a difficult birth and childhood illnesses and I now feel “in Harmony” and am able to breathe more easily amongst other benefits.

The emotional release was very strong after a “distance” session which totally dispelled my earlier scepticism as Suzanne and I were obviously able to communicate with each other via the aether.

You will never know the benefits to your life unless you experience the Tuning Forks for yourself – but do be prepared to take a number of sessions to obtain good results as I did.    John Ellis. Yorkshire.

"I just wanted to get in touch to thank you again for your tuning the other week, and to let you know that I really feel it has made a profound difference for me. I feel suffused with calm, and a huge, soothing space has opened up within me that wasn't there before. I used to suffer from anxiety and I had a sweat problem too, which caused a great deal of distress and difficulty for me. I'm pleased to say that even though I've had a very stressful couple of weeks, I've felt nothing but calm and OK with myself, and not one bead of sweat. I've always worried how I was coming across and what people were thinking of me, but I notice I haven't been feeling like that since the tuning; I'm finding I can just be myself without worrying too much about it, which is a massive relief in so many ways. I really feel that something fundamental happened within that treatment. Thank you so so much."