Soul Tuning

Soul tuning's are based on the mechanics of Biofield Tuning however they are different in that they are working to connect a person more into themselves on a spiritual level. They are working on grounding the Spirit (Higher Self) more into the body, than they may currently be, This paradoxically allows for a more grounded spiritual life experience.

Benefits of Soul Tuning:-

  • Increased alignment with Source and your own innate knowing;  

  • An opening to the flow of life,

  • Allowing and opening to the energetic connection between the Earth and Heavens.

  • Allowing more trust in Self.

  • Being more present and grounded in the body.

  • Connecting, grounding and reinforcing these important energy centres in the biofield.

  • Engaging with the concept that you are a Soul experiencing physical life and recognising your Spiritual connections.

  • Light Language to assist in the 'opening up' to the session and integration process.

Soul tuning's also contain Language of Light. This is usually in the form of opening the client's energy initially with a light language transmission; this is channeled by me specifically for the client's needs at any given time. Light language may also be spoken or sung during the tuning session. This is then followed by a voice recording of light langauge, bespoke for each client, to listen to at home to support any healing that is taking place.

What is the Language of Light?

Light language is made up of Sounds, Light, Sacred Geometry and Universal Wisdom in the form of multidimensional tones and dialects; it is understood by all life. It is channelled information from Spirit of the highest light which bypasses the mental mind and is understood directly by the Soul at the core of our being. It is a reference point enabling a person to notice more often when they may not be in alignment with their highest potential within their Soul's path.

Light language enables you to remain more heart centred allowing your consciousness to shift to a more coherant vibration in a more effortless way.


During Soul tuning's, whatever needs to be addressed on any particular day will be brought into the session meaning this can include aspects of regular Biofield Tunings too.  

Soul Tuning sessions can be in-person or conducted remotely. 

Soul Tuning session approx 75 mins: £70 to include a bespoke language of light recording for post session listening.

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