Soul Tuning

Soul tuning's are based on the mechanics of Biofield Tuning however they are slightly different in that they can access information held in a person's Akashic Record which may present outside their 'current' biofield (as per Biofield Tuning).

Sometimes stuck emotions we are experiencing in our current life can have their origins in a past life, or even several past lives where the same emotion has been present but not processed fully or even acknowledged. Therefore, the same emotion can still show up in this life for validating.

Often it is the emotions that society considers ‘bad’ that are holding us back somehow, we can suppress them. But, of course, these emotions are just part of the emotional spectrum we experience as humans. When some of the emotions within us have continuous triggers day after day, this can lead to stress and overwhelm and leave us with a sense of being stuck and unable to move forward in life. It is helpful for these emotions to be acknowledged, experienced and balanced in the energy field.

By using the tuning forks to access this information contained in a person's 'field', I tune holding the space for the emotions or dissonance to present to be integrated. The sound helps the emotion to re-tune to a more harmonious coherent signal. This then releases the emotional ‘charge’ which can leave us feeling freer, more relaxed and peaceful giving rise to 'space' in our energy field to connect with and enjoy our life. 

What’s left is to recognise where the ‘charge’ is no longer present in those scenarios that may have previously triggered an unwelcome response thus allowing us to change our behaviour and relax into our new sense of being.

Soul Tuning sessions can be in-person or conducted remotely. 

Usually, Soul Tunings are appropriate after 1-2 Biofield Tuning sessions.

Soul Tuning session approx 75 mins  £55

Call me on 07811 243313 or email to book your session