What is the Language of Light?

Light Language is a channelled transmission made up of Sounds, Light, Sacred Geometry and Universal Wisdom in the form of multidimensional tones and dialects; it is understood by all life in the universe. It is the language of the Soul.

Light Language is channelled information from Spirit of the highest light which bypasses the conscious thinking mind and language centres of the brain and is understood directly at the Soul level. It provides a reference point enabling a person to notice more often when they may not be in alignment with their highest potential within their Soul's path. Light Language enables you to remain more heart centred allowing your consciousness to shift to a more coherent vibration in any given moment, in a more effortless way.

How does Light Language help?

Because Light Language is packets of cosmic information and light codes and we inherently understand this information, we can effect change at the core of our being.

For example we may unconsciously have inner conflict which of course we are unaware of, so we may think one thing but our unconscious self may disagree and consequently may sabotage our conscious thinking. So Light Language has the ability to disolve this inner narrative causing conflict. It can reach the depths of your multi-dimensional self where it can help make changes at a fundamental level that can be so subtle yet have a significant impact on our life.

We may or may not notice these changes that take place because we carry on as usual but yet the change has been made, you have followed the inner sign post, wisdom via the Light Language that can quietly transform you by reducing or removing that inner conflict.

The more we are aware of ourselves and our many levels of being, the more we will notice these changes.

Using the Language of Light

Listening to the language of light can be beautiful and touch our hearts and be beneficial in the moment and beyond; however, to harness its full benefits takes a little more effort on our part.

Behind each audio recording there is healing energy that binds with the words, sounds and melodies, working at the quantum level.

Connecting with it more deeply and listening 2-3 times per day for one week or once per day over a few weeks can really start to have an impact on our lives.

Who is it suitable for?

Light Language is suitable for any age group and has wide applications - please enquire.

I am offering personal Light Language recordings bespoke for your needs (each approx. 5 – 9 mins long).

1 x audio recording to listen to daily for at least 3 weeks £25

3 x audio recording for listening 3x per day each week £45

(each recorded at 1-week intervals and emailed)

I can create recordings without knowing any information about you or what you wish to resolve, However, I find that these Light Language recordings work best when there is an initial intention behind what you wish to see within you.

Please contact me for your recording.

Always created with love.

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Free Light Language meditation audio.

Light Language audio for online purchase.