“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others.” – Buddha

Meditation can make a profound difference to your life. By taking a little time out of your day to nurture yourself you can gain a sense of clarity and perspective on your life that can enhance your day to day living.  

Sunset over sea Llandudno

Zen meditation is a broad-focus practice meditation with its roots in Japan whereby we pay attention to all thoughts, emotions and memories and allow them to flow. When we are aware of our thoughts and provide a space for them to flow without suppression or interference, we find a new sense of freedom that can transform our everyday life. 

I facilitate an 8 week Meditation and Mindfulness for 'Health & Well-Being' Course. This course provides a beautiful easy to follow structure to help you establish a daily meditation practice, with support and guidance. A daily practice, over time is key to achieving results.

Please contact me for details if you are interested in holding this 8 week course.

Alternatively dates for open courses will show below when available.

Just as physical exercise is good in a general way for the body, so zazen (meditation) on this level is undoubtedly beneficial to both physical and mental health.

~ Zen master Hakuun Yasutani