Spirit of Life

Acknowledging we are Spirit experiencing Earth as Human can be a very freeing experience. Consciously inviting Spirit to play a part in our lives can totally change our experience of Life.

When I talk about Spirit, I'm referring to the Spirit of Life we breathe in every day. Life is all around us and within us. The exciting, magical air of Spirit that revives our Soul.

Our Soul, the essence of who we are as a human, is of Spirit.

How does this look?

This is a feeling sense, a knowing sense that you activate and consciously connect with. Many do this already. Simple activities like connecting with Nature, animals and people. Breathing in and acknowledging the beauty in everything. Filling your life with wonder!

Trusting Life, trusting the support from the Universe.

We are magnetic, magical beings who create our own lives. Taking responsibility for ourselves and everything that happens and everything we feel, is recognising our capabilities and the inner innate power we have.

We create the way we feel by the way that we think and a snowball reaction occurs - creating our Life.

The way we navigate life is up to us, we get to choose!

Choose how we feel, choose how we respond, choose to Love ourselves, choose to neglect ourselves. There are many areas of our lives that rely on us to love ourselves and in the main this is what is missing in most peoples lives. LOVING the SELF. Trusting ourselves, our innate wisdom, following our intuition, our inner knowing. At the Soul level there is only LOVE!

Everything else is what we play with; emotions, people, situations. We are here to show ourselves that we can elevate out of the density of drama. Life is meant to be light and playful and full of joy and love! Drama keeps you stuck in the muck and feeling yucky.

We are Divine Sovereign beings which means we get to choose and we get to choose for ourself how we want to feel. Ultimately we do everything to bring about a feeling. The Spirit of Life is knowing we can create those feelings within us first and then life flows to fulfil our 'feeling' order.

Spirit energy, Soul, is who we are and we have a whole host of Spirit who are working with us in the unseen, the fluid arena of Energy, Spirit, Life Force, Love Force, God Source. Everything is here to help us but first we have to choose to let it in! It's then a gentle process of unpeeling the layers to reveal the beautiful Light that is You so it can shine constantly, instead of being hidden away.

You are Light; allow yourself to shine!

Allowing Spirit of Life to flow through you, within you and around you is allowing yourself to be nourished from the inside, connecting on the inside to the expansive inner knowing of flowing energy. Breathe it in. Love Yourself deeply.